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After I share stories here I feel exhilarated. I don't feel alone in this great big, scary world of ours. - Julia

StoryShelter has opened up a world of memories and allowed me to figure out what is most important. - Zachary

It's a great feeling to read posts from others that are going through something similar to what I am. - Bethany

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Engaged. Three Times a Charmby - Ross Ptak

I felt the happiest when my wife, Priya, said yes to my marriage proposal. It's a funny story because I actually asked her to marry me twice before...

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Gastric Bypass. High Risk, High... by - Julia Hillis

The biggest risk I’ve taken in my lifetime would have to be having gastric bypass surgery. And yes, I would have the surgery again without a second...

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Rebuilding Life after 9/11by - May Ling Lai

One of my dear friends, we'll call her SL, was buried under the the twin towers during 9-11, for half a day before they finally were able to get her...

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Ross Ptak Financial Consultant | London, England, United Kingdom

I have quite a rags to riches story and strongly believe that my trials and tribulations... read more

Kerri Lowe Singer-Songwriter | Brooklyn, NY, United States

I'm a performer, songwriter and storyteller from North Carolina living Brooklyn, New York.... read more

Emily Kalter Teacher | Baton Rouge, LA, United States

My claim to fame is that I grew up near Randy Jackson (from American Idol). I love great... read more

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